Professional Voice Actor & Writer


Whether you're looking for a voice that's classic or contemporary, friendly or fierce, honest or hilarious, silly or sincere, tender or trustworthy, let Trevor Macomber's smooth, dynamic vocals bring your words to life.


As a seasoned writer and Marketing professional, Trevor is also available to provide writing, editing, and creative consultation services for your commercial and narrative copy, overall strategic vision, and anything in between.

Artfully Articulate

Persuasively Pronounced

Eloquently Emphasized

Nuff Said


Below are Trevor's most recent demos. Because a standard demo can never truly do justice to a voice actor's full, versatile range, please let Trevor know if you're looking for a particular sound for your next project. He'll be happy to record a sample track tailored to your needs. 


(In other words, let's talk!)

Commercial DemoTrevor Macomber
00:00 / 01:16
Narrative DemoTrevor Macomber
00:00 / 01:21


I've been providing professional voiceover services for 6+ years and professional writing services for nearly two decades.

Whether you're an accomplished multichannel maven or a first-time content creator, Fortune 500 powerhouse or bootstrapped startup, I would be honored to help give voice to YOUR story.


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